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The commonly accepted food pyramid model is inverted from the actual requirements for a healthy lifestyle? …more

The Radiant Health Program is not just another theoretically based diet plan but rather has its basis in biochemistry which is, simply put, what the human body does with what we put into it
The Radiant Health Program:

Like the dawning of a new day now you can feel refreshed and energized in the morning and all day long. You can achieve a quality of life possibly at a level you have never experienced before.

Our program offers clients the opportunity to achieve radiant health through proper diet and supplementation. We teach scientific truths about nutrition relating to energy, weight loss, and wellness. Our clients testify regularly as to what The Radiant Health Program has done for them. It is nutritional science that makes sense.

In addition, we also offer vital information about a natural and safe alternative to traditional artificial hormone replacement therapy. This natural therapy could also be the answer to the ever-increasing problem of osteoporosis in women.

So thank you for logging in to find out about Radiant Health. Take your time and begin to learn how proper nutrition and lifestyle can benefit you.

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